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We’ve listed our most popular products and services below. There is so much more … but this list of engaging features will start you well on your way to captivating the market.

* iScroll Photo Gallery *

* 3D Walkthrough iSpace virtual tour *

* VogelVu sky-sphere panorama *

* iClip Video production *

* iScan Floor Plan *


You can see this list of useful features in full action within our interactive address specific web page. Take them for a spin – then come back and place an order once you’ve seen what we can accomplish for you and your listing.

Go ahead and Tap the image box below to experience the visual impact of a VOGELcreative project:

Example of a VOGELcreative project


iScroll Photo Gallery

Architectural Portraits – Easy Full-Folder Download Design

Cost: Stand-Alone Product Starting at $275

  • Special note: iScroll Photo Galleries are included in all iSpace 3D Walkthrough Virtual Tour Packages.


Available Upgrades: iDef High Definition exterior photos, Twilight exterior photos


iSpace Virtual Tours

3D Walkthrough Virtual Tours

Immerse them in your listing. Let them see the Big Picture and take in all the true details of your listed home. iSpace tours work on every device and desktop imaginable. There’s no complication to it … it’s simply Tap & Tour! Here’s an example that should make your head spin (tap the image below to view the tour):

Price: Starting at $375 when bundled with iScroll Photo Gallery

Value-Added Upgrade:

VOGELGuide Interactive iSpace Tour – Meet clients or host a virtual Open House from the comfort of your own home! Contact us for a Live Demo … but first, have a look at it in action below:


Drone, Video & Other Services

Come Fly With Me!

It’s not about how high you can go – aerial photography & video is all about telling a unforgettable story from a thrilling vantage point.

There is no better way to highlight your listing’s most important feature – Location! From heart-stopping highlights of local landmarks to soaring footage of your listed property, we give your market a genuine Bird’s Eye-View of the best your listing has to offer.

Lights! Camera! Market ACTION!

We all love a good movie! With that in mind, our approach to capturing your listing is Cinematic. We understand that your market wants to feel moved by what they see. Why not take them on an emotional ride that inspires them to dream about your listing like it’s already their Home!

Grab your popcorn and enjoy a few of our examples: