June 1, 2020 - Yes, we are shooting Real Estate Listings! Yes, we are still Essential!

Making the Most out of the New Normal

Conducting a traditional 'Open House' is no longer an option and Agent Viewings have taken on a critical challenge during this health crisis. Vendors and Buyers alike are now extremely cautious of who they allow into their homes. And that’s understandable.

VOGELcreative has a Safe and Healthy approach to this issue. We’ve developed the Healthy Home Tours. These are virtual Open Houses – allowing the viewer to experience the entire home in an interactive and fully immersive way. To add to this experience, you the agent, can provide an informative narration to as many virtual scenes in the tour as you like – at no charge. Your virtual presence in this way is greatly reassuring and allows the viewer to be guided to the features you’d like to highlight most.

* Please note: The Healthy Homes Tour package below is the only product we will be offering under this current health scenario.

In and Out in a Flash

The other important feature of the Healthy Home tours is how we conduct them. It's now known that you have less than 50-mins in an enclosed space before contracting Covid-19 (if no more than two people are simply breathing and not speaking or sneezing).

We are in the home for less than 30 minutes – Guaranteed! During the entire shoot, we maintain the highest levels of hygiene protocol (face masks / latex gloves / sanitary boot covers). We will not touch any surface or handle any doorknobs and banisters. Your vendor can feel assured that our visit will be clean and efficient and not cause unnecessary and unhealthy disruption in their home life.

Small Steps that make a Big Difference

Here’s how to prepare your listing to ensure that a Healthy Home tour is truly Healthy:

  1. Have the vendors (or yourself) open all the windows before we arrive (virus droplets fully disperse within 10 minutes of fresh air ventilation)
  2. Have the vendors (or yourself) open all the doors in the home. This allows us to move from room to room without touching a doorknob. Any door left closed will not be opened by us.
  3. Be present to unlock and open the front door and back door for us. You can then wait off the property while the shoot is in progress. We want you to be safe as well.

VOGELcreative is offering the Healthy Homes Tour Package

Add a VogelVu Sky-Sphere for greater impact and without any risk to health

Healthy Homes Tour

(A Genuine Virtual Open House)


  • iDef enhanced Exterior architectural portraits
  • Up to 35 architectural portraits of as many presentable rooms under 20-minutes
  • Full-Home set of iSpace spherical panoramas capturing every presentable room in the listing (up to 15 panos - approx under 10-minutes to capture)
  • Optional feature – Agent Narration at no extra cost ($75 cost waived)
  • see narration instructions below

Tap to See Sample

Instructions for Narration

  • Record your narrations on your device placed on a pillow (studio-like sound quality)
  • Record a new file for every room you want to narrate – title each with the name of the room (ie: Livingroom / Kitchen / Opera room etc)
  • If you are using the existing virtual tour as a guide for your narration - please ensure the sound is off on your computer. (That way there'll be no background music in your voice recording)
  • Send the separate files in an email and VOGELcreative will embed them in the tour.

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