VOGELcreative has a trusted reputation for ‘Magazine-style’ Real Estate Photography. Each photo, each video clip, each interactive panorama is captured to tell the compelling story of a home. Every listing has lifestyle features that set it apart… our lens reveals each one at its best.

VOGELcreative has a full team that provides complete services for Realtors and can help to get your listing ready in one, convenient visit. We offer Engaging Virtual Tours, Accurate Floor Plans, Dynamic Video Production, Breathtaking Drone photos & Aerial video plus more!

Start with our standard listing package below. Then, add any other features you feel will tell the story of your listing like no other.

Standard Listing Package – $350

Complete in under an hour and includes the following:

Photos – iScroll gallery – unlimited set of photos and includes all exterior photos in iDef HDR

Virtual Tour – iSpace virtual tour. A set of up to 15 interactive, spherical panoramic aspects in 4K UltraHD resolution… revealing 100% of the scene on 100% of the screen.

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See a sample Standard Listing Package here

iScroll Photo Gallery

Professional photos make all the difference in making your listing stand out and attracting potential clients. Our iScroll Gallery includes exterior and interior shots of the property and help the client to visualize the space.

Price: $250

Available Upgrades: iDef High Definition exterior photos, Twilight exterior photos

See price list here

iSpace Virtual Tours

Our immersive iSpace Virtual Tours allow potential clients to see the space in 3D. Our tour automatically leads you through the house from top to bottom and, if they wish, clients can take over the controls at any time, jumping between rooms and dragging the mouse to show them points of interest.

Price: $350 when bundled with iScroll Photo Gallery

Available Upgrades:

VOGELGuide Interactive iSpace Tour – Meet clients or host a virtual Open House from the comfort of your own home! Contact us for a Live Demo!

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iScan Floor Plans

Help clients to see the space in a whole different way. Our iScan Floor Plans are created using Lidar Technology and include diagrams of each level as well as a comprehensive report of measurements in metric and imperial including square footage of each room. Final reports include approximate Exterior Square Footage, the measurement used by most builders and City Hall reports.

Price: iScan Floor Plans begin at $175 (final price based on total square footage)

See a sample iScan Floor Plan here

Read our Guidelines for Floor Plans here

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Drone, Video & Other Services