iSpace Tours – Add Ons

Everyone Loves the Dessert Menu!

After you’ve built up your ‘virtual plate’ with a solid tour… go ahead and choose something ‘sweet’ from our Augmented Menu. Don’t be shy. Pick one, pick a few, or pick them all to showcase your listing like never before! Together, we can create a visual feast that will pique their appetite for more.

Agent Embedded Video

The Best of Both Worlds!

This is truly unique in the market – a captivating hybrid of VR Panoramas & Video. Come to life in a 4k panoramic photograph. Visitors simply tap the ‘Play’ button and you spring into action – pointing out the best features of the scene they are immersed in. Add as many embedded videos as you like!

Cost: $100/each embedded video element

Tap picture below to see an example of an Agent Embedded into a VR Tour.


iBrand Agent Splashpage

Make a Splash!

Let them see you at your best – at the start of your tour. Use a specially designed Agent Splashpage with your information and image to make you stand out in their memory.

Cost: $25

Tap picture below to see an example of an iBrand Agent Splashpage at the beginning of an iVR Tour.


iPlay Autoplay Upgrade

Sit back … Enjoy the show!

Your tour takes on a life of its own. Visitors can launch it with a single tap and iPlay takes them on a smooth, automatic journey through your listing without any effort on their part. They can also take the wheel at any point and savour the scene at their own pace. It’s kinda’ like a video … but way better!

Cost: $50

Tap picture below to see an example of an iVR Tour that includes iPlay.


iPop Embedded Photos

Let’s go on a Treasure Hunt!

Every home has its precious features that can easily get overlooked. iPop reveals these hidden ‘gems’ in an interactive style that will entice your visitor to go ‘hunting’ for more. You can simply tap on an iPop icon to reveal the special treat or let our iPlay feature find them for you.

Cost: $25/up to 15 embedded photos

Tap picture below to see an example of an iVR Tour that includes iPop photos.

iVR Hands Free Tour Upgrade

Step on the Accelerator!

Your Smartphone & Tablet have a neat little feature tucked inside. When activated, it allows you to use your device like a ‘window’ on the scene… enabling you to move it around and view the entire space in Real-Time. Our iVR Hands Free activates your device’s Accelerometer. Now your Smartphone just got a lot smarter!

Cost: $25

Tap picture below to see an example of an iVR Hands Free Tour (Smartphones and Tablets only can view)

HDR Night Shoot/Twilight Mode

Highlight the exterior lighting and gardens with an HDR Night Shoot so your client can picture the property over different times of day. Add a Twilight Mode Upgrade to take the client through the golden hour in the house and feel the warm glow as the sun sets on the property.

Cost: HDR Night Shoot $125, Twilight Mode +$100

Tap picture below to see an example of an HDR Night Shoot/Twilight Mode.


Add professional narration to your iVR Tour to lead potential clients through the house and point out interesting features to grab their interest.

Cost: $100

Tap picture below to see an example of an iVR Tour with Narration.


Vogel Creative continues to focus on useful innovation. Let’s face it … it’s not innovative if it doesn’t work.   With that in mind, we want to announce our latest feature VogelVu.  Go ahead –  elevate your project to new heights.

COST: $75

VogelVu, a bird’s eye-view of your property in full 8K / 360 panoramic perspective.