Amuse-bouche Video Teasers

Ooh la la! Look at that listing!

Entice your market with a petite, pleasurable taste of your listing that will pique their appetite for more! Designed for instant use on Social Media, these 1-minute videos will leave visitors engaged and truly enchanted. Take one or two or three ... however many you need to tantalise your hungry audience.

This Augmented Feature adds Amuse-bouche Teaser videos to your package. Tap here to sample an Amuse-bouche and see why your market will want more.

Cost: $100 each

iSky Drone Video

Up! UP! and Away!

iSky Drone images are much more than just high angles of rooftops. It's all about presenting the bigger picture. Capturing your listing from a vantage point that reveals its connection to the neighbouhood, the city, the water; that's how you capture your market's imagination!

This Augmented Feature adds Drone photos and video to your package. Tap here to see video using Drones to highlight a property.

Cost: $350

Agent Hosted iClip Teaser Video

Lights! Camera! … Market ACTION!

Go ahead… be a star. Host an iClip video teaser and make your impression on a market that’s eager for engaging content. iClips are pithy, dynamic and ideal for ‘showing off’ on Social Media.

This service adds an HD quality lifestyle video teaser in MP4 Format. Tap here to see a sample of an Agent Hosted iClip Video.

Cost: $375 + HST

iClip Teaser Video

A little movie magic goes a long way!

Give your listing the Red Carpet treatment... make it shine on screen with an iClip teaser. It just takes two minutes to make your listing unforgettable. An iClip video is easily shared on all forms of Social Media and plays back perfectly on all devices - as well as your Wide Screen TV.

This service creates a 1080 HD lifestyle video teaser in MP4 Format. Tap here to see a sample iClip Video.

Cost: $275 + HST